Scout Projects

The very first project in the building of Lionville Park back in 1978 was the clearing of 12 vine and poison ivy covered apple trees that separated the parking lot from the ball fields.

Scouts and the community have played an essential role in making LYA Park the place it is today.

Cassie Blyler and Megan Kerr help clean up Field B as part of their Senior and Scout Project

1. Dave McNamara/78 – Restore 12 apple trees

2. Andy Rolen/80 – First Base Bleachers Senior Field

3. Jon Pulsifer/80 – Third base bleachers Senior Field

4. Tim Kane/80 – Hand cutout Field J and add Diamond Dust

5. Tony Fiore/80 – Correct erosion on Main Soccer

6. Ben Tharp/81 – Rebuild bleacher seating

7. John Foster/81 – Tot Lot, sandbox, and park benches

8. Rob Kirkbride/81 – Design and install first Parking Lot Spaces

9. Jonathan Carter/83 – Sod drainage pit at lower parking lot/garden

10. Matt Lynch/94 – Dugout Covers on Foster Field

11. Bryan Parno/98. – Dugout Covers on Field C

DEHS Team Members Work To Build High School Field

12. Brian Blanchard/00 – Steps to LMS Baseball Field

13. Alan Foose/00 – Stone wall garden at lower parking lot. Trees at Field E/cages

14. Kyle Weber/01 – Rock wall garden on Fazel with rocks removed from playing fields

15. Ryan McCloskey/01 – Grade area and Landscape DASD new pavilion at high school back playing fields.

16. Travis Parno/01 – Build dugout covers for LMS

17. Mike Magee/02 – Create stone walk around at Children’s Garden entrance and cement in slate artwork from Penn State

18. David Brown/02 – Build a storage shed for girls softball at Field J.

19. Dave Redding/04 – Troop 216 Rebuild eroding bank at LMS football field, plant and mulch area 130 yards long.

20. Sean Lyver/04 – Troop 83 Build a Storage shed at Senior Field

21. Brett Mariani/05 – Build Dugout covers at Field E

22. Dan Marbach/07 – Troop 216 Plant garden at Foster Field & Replace Lionville Park Entrance Sign

23. Mike LaRosa/08 – Troop 14 Build a lax/soccer wall on Hoffecker Field in Lionville Park

24. Zack Shiner/08 – Troop 83 Replace floor, add paneling to staircase and main room, add ceiling fan in Foster Field Press Box