Field Hockey

Regular Registration Dates: June 17- July 17 (unless leagues fill up prior to 7/17)

Late Registration Dates: July 18 – August 28

Season Dates: late August – early November

Fields and Facilities: Lionville Park

Eligible Addresses: Live in Downingtown Area School District (DASD)

Player Info: Girls grades 1-8

Required Equipment: Field hockey stick, colored mouth guard, shin guards

Contact Information: LYA Field Hockey Commissioner:  Dawn Kuhn (

 League Descriptions

Overview of Sport:

Field Hockey is an instructional program played in the fall, and is organized and played differently than other sports in LYA. Players most likely will have to travel to other sites; however, travel time does not exceed 25 minutes. Players are divided by grade level. Practices and home games are played at the Lionville Park on field J or on the LMS field. The park is located at Devon Drive and Rt 113.  Games are primarily played on Saturday mornings and on some weeknights.

League Descriptions

1st & 2nd Grade – Introduction to Field Hockey

LYA is excited to announce that we will be continuing our 1st and 2nd grade field hockey league this year.  This league will be an introduction to the sport and will run 4-5 Saturday’s through the fall. The league will not be competitive and there will not be designated teams, but rather learning sessions and play days. Girls in this league will still sign up for a pinnie as it will help with instruction/play and can be used again in the 3/4 league.

3rd & 4th Grade Instructional Program

Players will practice 1 day per week. The practice day will be determined by the coaches. Game play will be on a 60 yd by 30 yd field with a 6 vs 6 format. This encourages continual involvement in play and improved stick manipulation. We do not play with goalies at this level. The length of the game is 40 minutes broken up into two 20 minute halves. Coaches are allowed to be on the field at this level.

***No tournaments are offered at this level.

5th & 6th Grade Instructional Program

Players practice 2 days per week. Practice days will be determined by the coaches. Game play will be on a regulation size field with a 11 vs 11 format. The goalie position is introduced at this level and goalie equipment is provided. The length of the game is 50 minutes broken up into two 25 minute halves. Coaches are not allowed on the field at this level. High school referees officiate games.

*** The Battle of the Styx field hockey tournament, hosted by LYA is offered to 5/6th grade players. It is held on the first Saturday in October. Players are required to try out to make a tournament team.

7th & 8th grade Intramural League

There will be no practices at this level. 7th-8th grade players compete on a regulation size field with a standard 11 vs 11 format. Goalies are used. Games will be played on Saturday afternoons. Please note that this is NOT an instructional program and basic knowledge of the game and one year experience is required. The length of the game will be 50 minutes.